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ALACARTE TABLE WATER was formed in November 2013 with NAFDAC Registration Number C1-0358 to produce and distribute pure and ozonised drinkable water to the general public, which includes eateries, hotels, domestic consumption, event management centres, etc. Working in accordance with National Agency For Food and Drug Administration Control(NAFDAC) as well as the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) laid down standard and the company’s reputation, ALACARTE TABLE WATER have a well structured production process and sophisticated machines that enhances and facilitate the purification and neatness of our water. We also produce and supply jar bottle water for water dispenser to offices, banks, shopping mall, ect However, the SWOT Analysis conducted on Alacarte Table water in 2014 shows that we in Alacarte Table Water have a strength that is strong enough to face our competitors based on the fact that our water produce is of a high quality and standard which can stand the taste of time due to the fact that our water plant is situated in a neat and friendly environment with good road network, good quality control officer, mechanized production process, well structured logistics and a good working team. Also, here in Alacare Table Water we always put in out best in order to combat our weaknesses and threats using our available strengths and opportunities.



Our Mission

The mission statement of Alacarte Table Water is to provide our customers the best way we can with a well refined and purified drinkable water thereby eradicating the issue of unsafe drinking water from our location and the society at large in order to live a healthy and refreshed life.

Our Product/Services

In Alacarte Table Water, we offer  processed water, which is subjected to filtering and purification treatments before being bottled. Alacarte Table Water product is in compliant with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Also, we produce a high quality brands of ozonised bottle water ranging from 75cl, 50cl and water jar. Our product always pass through a well defined production and water filteration processes, as well as following a leading external standards and methodologies. Our product and services here in Alacarte Table Water is unique in its packaging and content because of extensive treatment process used in water purification and well defined packaging

About Us

In relation to the persistent issue of  low access to safe drinking water and the hot weather in Nigeria, bottled water sales remained strong in the country. A vast majority of households in Nigeria, in both urban and rural areas, do not have access to safe drinking water . However, in order to solve this persistent problem permenantly, Alacarte Table Water came into existence.

ALACARTE TABLE WATER is one of the biggest and neatest bottle water company with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)  in Sapele and its environ, and is situated in a serene environment in Sapele, Delta State. Our product meets the required standard of NAFDAC and SON and can be found in some locations in Delta State which include Sapele, Oghara, Asaba, Warri, Abraka as well as Ughelli. Alacarte Natural Table Water is a product of Alacarte Event and Catering Services, a subsidiary of Tony G, Erewa Consultancy Services Ltd

We produce, sell and distribute a wide range of bottle water ranging from 75cl, 50cl, and water jar as well as event management of all kind and production of customized bottle water. We continously review our product quality in order to provide our customers quality services and good product satisfaction. Despite the growing number of competitors as well as challenges eminating from the bottle water industry around the location, we focus on issues that are most priority to our business and to our customers, which include providing a safe and drinkable water at affordable price.


At Alacarte Natural Table Water, we believe in a good procedure in water treatment and handling in order to enhance the quality of our product.

Fresh water gotten from our borehole passes various stages before getting to finish product stage. We make use of an industrial filter known as stainless steel filter which comprises of three filter beds. The first is the machinery filter or the sand filter, the second is the activated carbon filter and the third is the ion exchange filter. These three stainless filter are connected and makeup the water threatment plant.

Moreso, at Alacarte Natural Table Water, we make use of an ozonator which is installed in connection with the production line and water passes through it which help in disinfeting the water by removing unwanted taste, odour and heavy metals from the water. In addition to the water purification process, the Ultra Violet Purifier is connected to the production line to help in disinfecting the water by killing and removing bacteria from the water.

Our production processes is mechanized in naturedue to the fact that more than 70% of the production process is done with the help of sophisticated machines ranging from the Automatic Rinsing Machine, Filling machine, capping machine, labelling machine and finally shrink-wrapping machine. All these machines are being controlled by our well trained operators. We also developed a good habit in the aspect of quality control due to the fact that our industrial filters are backwashed on daily basis, on the spot analysis is done daily to ensure our wateris still of good standard, PVC tank are washed regularly, filters and media used are replaced as at when due, and finally PVC tanks are flushed on daily basis